Rosslare 4x3 Piezo Keypad

  • Requires Rosslare Intelligent Controller
  • Internal Sounder Provides Audible Feedback
  • Programmable PIN Code Length 4 - 8 Digits
  • Weather Resistant Case IP-68
  • 120mm(h) x 66mm(d) x 27mm(d)

SPECIFICATIONS Easy to install and operate, the AC-T73 Piezo PIN Standalone
Controller is an advanced stand-alone 500-user controller
featuring state-of-the art FeatherTouch piezo-electric
technology, ideal for residential and commercial environments.

The unit is designed for use in conjunction with Rosslares
PC-15T and 25T series Intelligent Power Supplies (IPS), offering
high-security lock strike control. The lock strike is connected
separately to the power supply, ensuring that the lock functions
even if the access control unit (ACU) is tampered with. If the
data line to the ACU is cut, the lock strike is immediately

Suitable for high security applications, the AC-T73 Piezo PIN
Standalone Controller features three user levels, three
operation modes, and a code search feature for easy

Versatile and user friendly, the AC-T73 Piezo PIN Standalone
Controller has a programmable 4-8 digits PIN and
programmable lock strike release, siren, and alarm delay timers.
Manufacturer ROSSLARE
Component Type Keypads
Access Control Technology Stand Alone

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