1. 2N Mobile Video Intercom on your Mobile

    2N Mobile Video Intercom on your Mobile

    Turn your smartphone into intercom! 

    Conect 2N® Mobile Video with your 2N IP Intercom and stay in contact with visitors from anywhere in the world. You can see who’s at the door and open it remotely to let trusted visitors in.

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  2. U-PROX IP560 Universal Access Controller

    U-PROX IP560 Universal Access Controller

    IP560 - Uprox Standalone Bluetooth Controller

    Part Number : IP560

    Universal access control panel. A full-featured device in a plastic housing with built-in card reader, keyboard, and modern means of communication – Bluetooth (for a configuration in stand-alone mode) and ISM band radio (for work as part of U-Prox IP’s wireless locks system).

    Can maintain an one-sided door (entrance by the ID, exit by the RTE button) or an double-sided door (entrance and exit by ID).

    Any smartphone can be used as an identifier. The device is designed to provide maximum autonomy – it continues to perform loaded access rules without communication with the server.

    Further information can be found here

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  3. Sprint Offers Secure 24/7 Pick up

    Sprint Offers Secure 24/7 Pick up

    For account customers Sprint now has a secure Lane Cove Pick up Facility. If you're passing Sprint after hours, we have a secure collection point. Please organise prior with one of our friendly staff or when creating an order Specify After Hours Collection. A unique code for access will be issued. Sprint - always finding more ways to be easy to deal with! Regards The Sprint Team

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