TOA 120 Watt Paging Amplifier 3 Mic/ & 3
Aux Inputs Selectable Phantom Power Mic
1 Muting, VOX Muting Priority page
Chimes MOH, Phone paging 2 speaker zones
24VDC or 240VAC

  • Built-in chime unit
  • Tone controls (bass and treble).
  • Speaker selectors for 2-zone broadcast.
  • Master volume control for overall input
  • Combined XLR/phone jack Microphone inputs

SPECIFICATIONS Equipped with Priority function, Chime function, and 2 Zone selector switches, TOA's A-1812 PA Amplifiers are designed to suit PA system applications such as paging announcements,
intercommunications, BGM and broadcasting in schools, offices and shops.
Manufacturer TOA
Sound System 100V
Sound System Component Type Amplifiers

Product Name
Product Description

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