5 zone rack mount 100v/line attenuator
Configurable 5 input to 5 output or 1
input to 5 outputs

  • 5 Zone outputs
  • Outputs or one input to five outputs
  • Standard 2 unit 19” rack mount
  • Accepts up to 5 inputs
  • 10 positions plus an OFF for each zone

SPECIFICATIONS May be configured to either five single inputs to five outputs or one input to five outputs.
Each zone has a 40W and 100W load capacity respectively, with a total panel capacity of 200W
and 500W. Has 11 settings plus off. The input and outputs are connected via heavy duty screw
terminals on the rear panel. Housed in a 2 unit rack panel and are supplied with an engraving
strip to label the speaker zones. Suitable for 100V line commercial systems only.
Includes a 22F bipolar capacitor for line monitoring purposes.

Power rating: 200W (40W per zone)
Relay override operation voltage: 24V DC
Dimensions: 484W x 50D x 88H mm
Weight: 2.3kg
Manufacturer ALTRONIC
Sound System 100V
Sound System Component Type Volume Control

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