TOA Class D Amplifier 4 x 250w 100v Line

    SPECIFICATIONS The TOA DA-250F/FH, DA-250D/DH and DA-550F/500F-HL multi-channel
    power amplifiers offer a wider choice of power ratings, advanced digital
    Class D amplification circuitry, and a highly efficient AC mains to output power
    ratio, for the complete technological superiority it takes to support long-term
    installation applications. These energy-efficient, space-saving amplifiers are designed to combine
    high levels of performance and efficiency, and are well-suited to ensure sound reinforcement reliability
    in a wide range of venue types. The low-impedance models are ideal for multi-zone applications such
    as presentation and press-conference rooms, restaurants and similar-sized locations. The highimpedance
    units are well-suited to such locations as exhibition halls, sports facilities, multipurpose
    halls and houses of worship.
    Manufacturer TOA
    Sound System 100V
    Sound System Component Type Amplifiers

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