Sprint REX Illuminated SS Button Std
Plate IP67 Rated

  • Fully water proof IP67 can be used outdoors
  • Dual-colour LED
  • Two isolated relay outputs NO and NC
  • Output timer selectable: momentary or 10s
  • Fly leads no corrosion and easy to wire

SPECIFICATIONS The SPRL2451 piezo exit button is uniquely designed and developed using Piezoelectric Effect technology.

The switch can be activated by a finger touch without any physical movement, while a dual-colour LED or internal buzzer is used to indicate the button action.

The heavy-duty vandal & weather proof mushroom button is designed to be install in an application where it is at risk of being subject to vandalism or tampering, as in the case of a public area or even prison.

SPRL2451 exit button is uniquely designed by DFM for the application where sanitary condition is needed, like hospital, clean-room, food processing factory and laboratory. It also provides much easier access for the disabled to open doors through a sensor.
Manufacturer SPRINT
Component Type Kits
Exit Plate Engraving Press To Exit
Exit Plate Material Stainless Steel
Exit Button Colour Green
Plate Size Wall Plate

Product Name
Product Description

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