Emergency Door Release Break Glass Green

  • Dimensions:88mm x 88mm x 55mm
  • Current Rating: 12/24VDC 10a
  • Provision of thread protection plugs
  • Instant test operation by a special key

SPECIFICATIONS This model is suitable for open or closed circuit fire or access system with central control equipment. Alternative terminals are provided for open or closed circuits. When wired for open circuit working, the circuit closes instantly when pressed hard to break glass. Facilities are provided for conduit entries from top or bottom. The SPRINT manual call point is designed to meet the requirements of BS5839 Part 2.

The casings are moulded from engineered plastic with outstanding features of high impact strength, high resistance to heat and with good electrical properties. All metal is of brass and phosphor bronze life long resistance against corrosion.

Size: 88mm x 88mm x 55mm
Current ratings: 12/24vDC 10A

1. Double Terminal wire connectors for independent input and output connections to facilitate looped installation.
2. Provision of thread protection plugs to protect the thread of the brass inserts on the base box when concealment is required.
3. Instant test operation by a special key.
Manufacturer SPRINT
Breakglass Setting Non-Resettable
Breakglass Usage Internal Use
Breakglass Type Breakglass Unit

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