Trencab Surface Mount Keyswitch
Momentary or On/Off with C4 Cylinder

  • Spring return or on/off keyswitch
  • IP67 Microswitch SPDT
  • Standard C4 oval cylinder & 2 keys
  • max load 1amp at 24vac or 48vdc
  • 47mm x 117mm x 42.5mm

SPECIFICATIONS Suits indoor of outdoor applications

Ideal as an override keyswitch for Doors, Gates, Boom Gates etc to allow access to property secured by electronic locking for your clients or emergency services or utility company ie: Gas, Electricity and Water.
Supplied with IP67 rated microswitch with 500mm wiring leads attached.

Body is made from ABS (black).

Supplied standard with popular C4 oval cylinder (satin chrome plate).

The oval cylinder can be retrofitted to accept most restricted keying systems.

Supplied standard with Rubber Gasket.

Supplied standard with 2 x stainless steel 10g x 40mm T20 Torx Security Screws
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